Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back To School 2010

We'd like to invite you to help support efforts to provide Mark Twain Elementary with school supplies. A majority of their students live below the poverty line and are in need of basic supplies for the coming year. Helping to provide for their basic needs is a concrete way that we can embody the Gospel and enact God's vision for a better world. Here are five options for this week that have been compiled by Pam Zehr.

(1) Hand Sanitizer

Office Depot: 8oz bottles for FREE. They are $4.49 up front, but we get a mail-in rebate for the entire cost. Limit 5 per household.

(2) Scotch Tape

Target: 3 rolls + 1 free for $2.50.
CVS: Buy 1 get 1 free.

(3) Pencils

K-Mart: 10 for $.25.
WalMart: 24 for $.94.

(4) Scissors

Target: 1 for $.50.
Wal-Mart: 1 for $.74.

(5) Cash

We can obviously use cash to purchase any other needed supplies.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and ministry.

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