Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creative Transformation: Online Edition

The new edition of Creative Transformation is now out! It's an outstanding magazine in general, but the new one is especially good. It contains articles by theological rock stars such as Philip Clayton, Bruce Epperly, L Callid Keefe-Perry, Thomas Jay Oord, Joan Lucas, etc. The content includes: articles about the post-Google church, book reviews, comics, hymns, and other cool stuff from the perspective of process theology. It's a timely edition about timely topics, such as being an effective church in our quickly changing world. Check it out. Pass it along. And if you feel compelled, tell the editor, Jeanyne Slettom, how much you like the new online edition. Pastor Brian even makes an appearance in the Critics Corner, reviewing Feed The Fire and Four Seasons of Ministry. If you like progressive theology, this is a good magazine to explore. And you can't go wrong since it's free and online!

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