Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Letter

Warm greetings to all members and friends (it’s 95 and humid as I write this!),

We’re into our second month together. And so far so good. This is an outstanding congregation for many reasons. Its openness is inspiring. Its commitment to social justice is powerful. Its friendly, relaxed atmosphere is welcoming. The list could go on and on. As I am getting to know this congregation, I see many strengths and important ministries. It’s my goal to learn from and plug myself into the wonderful traditions and strengths of this place.

It’s also my goal to help facilitate growth and development. This means building upon the strengths and traditions that are already thriving. In order to foster growth amidst the gifts of this congregation, I am asking for your help. What do you envision for Faith UCC? What are your dreams? As your pastor, I truly value your insights and envisioning. In a variety of ways, over the next few months, I will be asking for your perspectives, opinions, dreamings, etc. So let’s do some dreaming.

One example of this dreaming will happen with interest surveys. The first survey is about adult education/exploration. Many experts are saying that adult education/exploration is an important way to help a congregation grow. It often helps churches grow numerically, theologically, spiritually, and socially. Plus, it can be a lot of fun. So, I’d like to know what kind of adult education/exploration would interest you. Would you like to explore a book of the Bible, such as Acts or Psalms? Would you like to explore a book like The Gospel According to RAGBRAI by Bob Molsberry? Would you like to explore special topics such as spiritual practices, social justice, forgiveness, etc.? Would you like to engage in a creative activity like faith-through-art or prayer shawl ministry? The questions are many. We’ll start big and then narrow things down to something exciting.

Another example of our dreaming will happen on Facebook. More and more people are using this social networking site. So, we’re going to tap into this resource. Each month there will be a new discussion question posted on the Faith UCC organization group. If you use Facebook, I invite you to join in on this Facebook experiment. The question for July is: “Why Faith?” Simple yet deep. What drew you here? What keeps you coming back? Why are you active? What is a favorite memory? Why Faith UCC? If you would like to reply to the July question, please check out the discussion section on the Faith UCC Facebook page.

Together we’ll do some dreaming, exploring, and some dream-realizing. Part of our shared ministry together is the exciting process of creating and living out our dreams. So, let’s dream together as we walk boldly into our future. God is still speaking...and leading us onward.


Pastor Brian

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