Monday, August 16, 2010

Intrigue. Mystery. Conspiracy. And God. This Sunday.

Intrigue. Mystery. Conspiracy. And God. Interested? Well, we might have just the thing for you. So-called "renewal groups" are trying to steal churches from progressive denominations and convert them to fundamentalism. It's called steeplejacking. There's a book about it. And pastor Brian has blogged about it. It seems like too much of a conspiracy theory to actually be happening. But it is happening. And it's hitting Iowa churches hard ever since the Supreme Court made marriage equality legal here. The "renewal groups" want to close or convert progressive churches so that we can't speak out for justice from our perspective. If you want to know more about these groups, come to church this Sunday. If you want to help build an alternative to this movement, come to church this Sunday. If you want to protect marriage equality, come to church this Sunday. We'll be discussing these topics, exploring Scriptural wisdom, singing songs of hope, and praising God for God's abiding presence in our lives. All are welcome to join us this Sunday.

We'll be looking at Psalm 72 and Amos 5:21-34, if you want to read ahead. It's some good, edgy Scripture. Amos is especially prophetic. He's kinda like the "Michael Moore" of the Bible. He's not afraid to do some bold and controversial advocacy through his writing. He's all about justice. So, Amos will help us find ways to "let justice flow like mighty streams." And in places where God's justice is not flowing very well (such as equal rights for the LGBT community), Amos will help us find ways to let the dammed river flow. Come check out God's edgy prophet for justice this Sunday.

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