Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Church for a New Age

Many churches are losing members and stuggling to thrive. At Faith, we are going to ask an important question. How can we be an exciting church filled with vitality - and members, despite the downward trend in many churches? In our rapidly changing world, church might have to look different than it did 10-20 years ago. Everyone is welcome to come to church this Sunday to explore ways that we can be the church in our age of Facebook and the Daily Show. Come join the discussion.

Our Scripture for this Sunday is Psalm 23. It's one of the most popular texts in the Bible. It's often used at funerals and in hospital chapels. But it's also featured in secular music and movies. Clearly it's a popular poem. If you want to do some early exploring, check out how Psalm 23 could help us image a new future for the church. Then come to church on Sunday to share your ideas. It's going to be a conversational sermon. Yup, you're going to be giving part of the sermon. It'll be fun. All are welcome.

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