Monday, August 9, 2010

The Work of Ordinary Saints

Sara Miles believes that everyone can act like Jesus. It's not only ordained clergy who can do real ministry. And it's certainly not something that only "holy" people can do. Everyone is called and empowered to be a minister just by being a follower of Jesus. And in truth, every person can be a "holy" person because God's abiding presence is with all of us.

Sara’s new book, Jesus Freak, is about her conviction that ordinary people are “authorized and empowered to do Jesus’ work of feeding, healing and raising the dead.” The Holy Spirit moves through us all - so all of us are divinely empowered to do ministry each day. Ministry can take many different forms: serving the poor, talking with friends, welcoming a stranger, being a kind presence at work, etc. All of this can be done as part of God's work through us.

Sara is the director of the Food Pantry at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco. Each Friday hundreds of families gather at the Food Pantry to receive food. Some people also stay around to help serve others. It's all a part of the work of ordinary Saints. Sara says, “We are gathered around an altar and surrounded by saints. Everything is free and everyone is welcome. It's like a Farmer's Market in Heaven.”1

Check out her interview with Spencer Burke below:

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