Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Faith Happenings Letter

Dear Members and Friends,

Fall is upon us! That means it’s time for cooler weather, turning leaves, football season, visiting local apple orchards, and so much more. Plus, after a busy summer, the Fall is also a return to more regular schedules. Often, for the church, this means more people are able to come to worship on Sunday morning. And that is an exciting prospect at Faith.

Lately, we’ve been trying different styles of worship. One of the more interesting has been conversational sermons. This is where I give some background on a text, introduce a theme, and then invite the congregation to preach the sermon with me. Basically, it looks like a Bible study during worship. It’s been fun to get different perspectives on a text or topic each Sunday.

During the August 29th sermon, we discussed the problems that face the church as well as our hopes for the future. Many good ideas were shared, as we explored ways to help the church thrive. The list that was generated gave me a lot of hope for the future of this congregation. If we begin to implement even a few of these ideas, it will help us remodel the church in some exciting and effective ways. And that reminds me of HyVee.

HyVee on Waterfront is undergoing a remodeling project. While they are working on the store, they are remaining open for business. It’s a little awkward. But it’s working. Their true-yet-slightly-cheesy slogan is: “pardon our progress.” It’s a way to acknowledge the current messiness of the work, yet invite people to focus on the benefits of the remodeling. In the church’s ongoing work, perhaps we too need a sign that reads “pardon our progress.” We don’t need to close the church. We can do the remodeling work as we, too, stay open. And, we, too, can focus on the end result of a remodeled and renewed existence.

It’s an exciting time to be at Faith. Please come to worship each Sunday to join us for conversational sermons that explore relevant topics such as hope for the future of the church, protecting marriage equality, honoring the Sabbath in our busy lives, etc. You never know when a conversation we have in worship might just appear in Faith Happenings – or even be the start of a change in the congregation. All are welcome to be a part of the action!

Please keep reading Faith Happenings to check out some of the exciting upcoming events. Fall is going to be a fun season at Faith UCC!


Pastor Brian

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