Monday, November 1, 2010

November Faith Happenings Letter

Greetings, Friends and Members of Faith,

Faith UCC has been active this year. We have worshiped God in creative ways, given away school supplies, shared backpacks of food, supported the domestic violence shelter, served meals for the community, celebrated weddings for many different kinds of couples, shared joys and concerns, commemorated breast cancer awareness, held a rally to restore civility, etc. We have gotten many “thank you” notes, been in various newspapers, appeared on TV several times, and won an award. It’s clear that our church is making a difference in our community. As the great Christmas text says: “God has lifted up the humble and filled the hungry with good things” (Luke 1:52-53). While some groups talk about serving the community, our congregation is out in the community embodying the love and justice of God. At this time in the Church year, it’s good to look back and reflect on the shared ministry that we have done together. It’s truly making a difference. “Hope” and “change” are not just slogans at Faith. We are choosing hope and working for change with every ministry that we do together. It’s exciting to be part of a congregation that is so committed to living out our faith in such bold ways.

Faith UCC continues to journey boldly into the future. At this time of the year, we also reflect on our shared ministries and financial stewardship for the coming year. We think about what we want to give back to God. We think about how we want to invest our money into the mission of the church. We think about how we want to invest our time into the shared ministry of the church. We think about how we want to shape the coming year as a community of Christians. We think about all of these things and more. In the end, we think about how we want to be involved in God’s work in the world.

Faith UCC has an amazing vocation. We have been invited by God to join God in caring for God’s world and people. Plus, God gives each of us various talents, gifts, resources, personalities, etc., so that we may all join in this vocation in different ways. One amazing way we get to serve with God is being a part of Faith UCC. In this congregation, we get to pool our gifts and resources together in order for our ministry to be even stronger. And our shared ministry sends ripples of God’s love and care into our community and world.

In the coming year, God will continue to bring God’s love to and through each of us. Thanks be to God!


Pastor Brian

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