Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Christian, Jews, & Muslims: What Similarites Do They Share?

Faith UCC junior member D'Angelo Holbrook worked on the following project during Sunday School this past fall and later shared it with the congregation during the "Time with the Youth" portion of Sunday worship.  During that Sunday School session, they looked at Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and examined some basic differences and similarities.

D'Angelo was asked to share with his Faith UCC family what he learned and he presented us with the following:

He learned that all three religions worship one God. All three consider Jerusalem to be very special and all three religions think that Abraham is a very good and wise man. And all three religions possess holy books and use important symbols.

D' did a good job of clearly presenting his information to the congregation and he was well-received. Obviously, there are many more differences the further separate the three religions, but he did an excellent job communicating the basic elements of the three.

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