Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Faith UCC Welcomes Rev. Bob Loffer as our New Interim Pastor!

Members and Friends of Faith:

The Church Council of Faith UCC has voted to extend a call to Rev. Bob Loffer as Interim Pastor.   Rev. Loffer will begin an interim period with Faith UCC effective March 15, 2011.  In doing so, the Council discussed the interim process with Bob as he envisions it. The following is Bob’s intentional statement of our shared expectations of the interim process we will explore together at Faith.

David Gebhard
President Faith Council


The first segment of this interim period will provide a time for the members of Faith UCC to share their church stories of the past.  This will be time of closure regarding the loss of our pastor, the process we experienced with that departure.  We will also use this period of time to share as honestly and openly as possible how the issues that divide us have made us feel.  As we gain some perspective on our past, clear up misunderstandings, apologize to one another for the hurts we have caused and experienced, we will greatly enhance the success we can have in examining our future mission and ministry as a community of faith.

The second segment of the interim process will provide time for a number of other tasks.  Basically those tasks include:

Discovering a New Identity
Allowing Changes in Lay Leadership
Reaffirming our connections with the United Church of Christ and our local community
Committing ourselves to new directions in ministry

The first segment will include time for Rev. Loffer to hear the stories of our members and for us to gather in a series of Congregational Conversations beginning with one on Sunday, April 10, following worship.  Those conversations, both private and in groups, will continue through the spring, summer and early fall.  We will be best prepared to make better decisions about our ministry and mission once we have the stories of our past better understood.

The second segment of the interim time might well begin with Advent 2011.  Prior to beginning the second segment both Rev. Loffer and Faith UCC would review the prospect of Rev. Loffer continuing with us into this interim segment or whether a new interim should be called.

Please keep Faith UCC in your prayers as this interim period begins.  Rev. Loffer can be reached at the church office on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  His cell phone number is 319-721-0691.  Please leave a message if he does not answer and he will return your call as soon as he is able.  His e-mail address is revbob(at)mediacombb(dot)net.

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