Thursday, June 2, 2011

Challenge: Bring a Cup // Save a Buck

Faith’s Church Council would like to challenge all of Faith’s members and friends to Bring a Cup and Save a Buck.

If everyone (kids and adults alike) would bring a reusable cup or glass with their name on it or use the cups in the kitchen cupboard by our phone we could save hundreds of dollars in cups in a short amount of time. Just think about how many cups we could save if we used our own each Sunday morning, during meetings and at potlucks!!!!

The challenge goes further. We also challenge you to bring your own place settings (plate, cloth napkin and silverware) when we have potlucks and other get-together events.

As we phase out our paper/plastic kitchenware purchases, let’s see how much waste we can phase out from our trash. And speaking of trash, think of how many times you’ve had to haul home garbage – that will be less, also.

One last request – Please wash, dry and put away your cups, glasses, silverware, etc., since we don’t have maid service!

Thanks for participating!!!!!!!

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