Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Message from Pastor Bob Loffer

Dear Friends:

Spring is certainly in full-bloom. Trees, grass, flowers, and garden vegetables are showing off their many and varied forms. What a treat to take a walk through a park, or a drive through the country this time of year and see the beauty of spring as it grows toward summer. If you haven’t done so yet, do so soon. Don’t miss the beauty of late spring in the world.

As the weather warms, plants and animals change their ways. Life in spring and summer is different from life in fall and winter. New growth takes more energy and more resources. Raising new babies born in late winter takes more food, water, and exercise. This time of year, all things are new and excited about the future. Unaware of what lies ahead, nature moves on, pressing toward being the very best they have been called to be in their time and place.

We humans could learn a great deal from the natural world that surrounds us. Instead of fussing about it being too hot too early or not warm enough soon enough or too dry or too wet or too weedy or too whatever (fill in your own blank), what would happen if we simply decided to do the best with what we had?

The plants of spring may struggle to break through the ground to bloom, but as they do break through, they bloom as best they can. The newborn animals and their nurturing parents may not have an easy way to live, but they make the very best of what they have in order to reproduce and be the best they can be where they find themselves.

Life does not always make it easy for us to bloom and grow. Hard things happen in life. We know that is true. What we must also know is that God wants the best for us. God has never promised humanity easy living. What God has promised is that God will be with us, in all our circumstances, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, happy and sad. God simply expects, I think, that we make the very best of what we have, use it for the benefit of others in our world, share the good news that we are loved unconditionally, and that whatever life brings us, we will never have to face it alone.

Peace and Good Cheer,

Rev. Bob

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