Saturday, July 30, 2011

August Message from Pastor Bob Loffer

When I was in elementary school in Nebraska, August always meant vacation time in the mountains of Colorado. My dad had a month vacation and mother did not work away from home. The first few days of August meant we were headed toward Colorado for at least a two week and often a three week stay. It was a time I always looked forward to with great anticipation.

Vacation time with my family meant camping in a tent, a station wagon, friends and lots of new experiences. We explored areas of the Rocky Mountains then that are now famous for their vistas and views. Then (late ‘50's early ‘60's) hardly anyone had ever heard of them. They were isolated and pristine. There were no campgrounds, no flush toilets, and no electricity. We enjoyed each other’s company, took in the natural surroundings and celebrated time together and time with God.

No thoughts of school starting in the middle or end of August. School did not start until the day after Labor Day in September. August was our time to reconnect with family, friends, and God. My, how times have changed!

School starts in Iowa City on August 18, 2011. Summer vacation ends for students, teachers, and families in just a few days. Preparations are already in the works for the start of school. School supplies are on “sale” in major stores. Back-to-school clothes are being purchased and soon the sights and sounds of young people will again fill the halls of school buildings. Where did the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer go?

Times are different in the early part of the twenty-first century than they were in the mid-twentieth-century. We live in a vastly different world with vastly different ways of living and life. Yet, I think there is still time for some of the same things to occur.

There can still be a time for families, friends, and God to reconnect. There is still time for some leisure before the routine begins again in life. There is even time in the midst of the routine for some time to “get away” and reconnect with the important things in living. There may not be large blocks of time like I enjoyed years ago, but we can make a few hours or a day or two available to us if we are willing to commit to making and using the time to do so. Look at your schedules, what can you bend a little or undo so that you can have some time for reflection, relaxation, and reconnecting to the things that matter most, family, friends, and God?

Go ahead, give it a try! You may find the routine in life goes better when a little time is freed up for life outside that routine. Have a good August.

Peace and Good Cheer,


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