Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Message from Pastor Bob Loffer

Dear Faith Friends:

November is Native American Heritage Month, National Epilepsy Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month, National Adoption Awareness Month, and a whole lot of other “Months” as well. November contains Chemistry week (week one) and Games and Puzzles week (week three). Every day in November has a special designation (and some have more than one); from “All Saints Day” November 1 to “Clean Your Refrigerator Day” November 15 to “Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day” November 30 The sublime and serious, (November 2 “All Soul’s Day,” November 3 “Housewife’s Day,” November 8 “Young Readers Day,” November 11 “Veterans Day,” November 24 “Thanksgiving Day”) to the silly and commercial (November 5 “Gun Powder Day,” November 7 “Bitter Sweet Chocolate with Almonds Day,” November 16 “Have A Party With Your Bear Day,” November 17 “Electronic Greeting Card Day,” November 25 (day after Thanksgiving) “Black Friday.” The Great American Smokeout Day (November 17), Universal Children’s Day (November 20), and Square Dance Day (November 29) are just a few more.

Different days, different events, different reasons to remember, reflect, recall, recommit, reconnect, and renew our lives, our passions, our hopes and dreams. What do we do with all those suggestions? Some silly, some serious, some border on absurd, others on reverence, perhaps a reflection of life in this 21st Century?

Each day is a gift. Whatever cause, whatever reason, whatever the day, each day, all day, is a gift for us to use to the very best of our ability.

How many of our days have been wasted on spite, revenge, hatred, bigotry, and abuse? How many of our days have been spent seeking what’s best for us rather than serving others? How many days have been consumed by complaining and whining about what we don’t have and how others are “out to get us”?

November days (or for that matter any months’ days) are filled with opportunities for us to remember the gifts of our past, (think November 1 All Saints Day, November 11 Veterans Day) reflect on the gifts of the present, (think November 13 World Kindness Day, November 24 Thanksgiving Day) and recommit, reconnect, and renew our lives for the future, (think November 17 “World Peace Day,” November 20 “Beautiful Day”). How will we spend our November days or any days?

A gift, each day is. Thanksgiving is a way of living, not for just a day, but a lifetime of days. Whether more days are behind than ahead matters not. How the days ahead are spent matters most.

Peace, Good Cheer, Thanksgiving, and Blessings from God,

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