Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Come Decorate Valentine's Day Cupcakes for the Shelter House this Sunday!

The Missions Committee invites everyone to decorate a cupcake or two on Sunday, February 12. Folks are invited to sign up to bring cupcakes, frosting, and decorations. There is a sign-up sheet for this. The decorating will takes place following the worship service. Items will also be collected for the Shelter House. The Shelter House sent a list of the most needed items.

* Razors       * Band-Aids
* Shaving Cream        * Deodorant
* Cough Syrup       * Foot Powder
* Hydrocortisone Cream        * Toothpaste
* Rubbing Alcohol        * Toothbrushes
* Hydrogen Peroxide        * Tampons & Pads
* Triple Antibiotic Ointment        * Hand Sanitizer

The decorated cupcakes and items collected will be delivered to the Shelter House later that day.

We hope you can all join in the fun and fellowship of this activity!

The Social Ministries Committee

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