Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Message from Faith UCC!

Dear Friends:

We are in the midst of the Epiphany season. This is season of light and hope as we celebrate
God coming into the world and sharing God’s love and light with all people.

How have we shared that light and hope during the past month? What are some of the ways we as individuals and we as a faith community have offered to be the light of someone else’s world?

Well, our outreach to the students and families of Mark Twain Elementary has continued as each Friday we deliver food packs for students to take home over the weekend and share with their families. We have gathered to worship on the Sunday’s in January sharing our faith with one another. Our Annual Congregational Meeting and all the events surrounding that are ways in which we continue the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in our place in this world. The free lunch on Wednesday’s at Wesley House continues and Faith continues to share in that ministry. Our faith community remains active in many other outreach areas in our community and through our denomination to make a better world. A new year has begun and we at Faith United Church of Christ have tried in many ways to share God’s love and light with others.

February moves us through the Epiphany season and into Lent. Shrove Tuesday is February 21 with Ash Wednesday being February 22. The first Sunday of Lent is February 26. Lent will be a time for reflection, repentance, renewal, and refreshing our commitment in faith to God, to one another, and to the church of Jesus Christ. How will we as individuals and as a faith community, experience ways that allow for that reflection, repentance, renewal and refreshment? What will our role be in helping ourselves and others come to a deeper spiritual understanding of the work God has called each of us to do?

We live in challenging and exciting times! There is much we can do, if we will. The tasks are many and varied and yes, even difficult. But the tasks are ours to do with God if we will but accept the challenge and step out in faith.

Let us use the resources at our disposal to invite and enlist those we know into the ministry and mission of Faith United Church of Christ. Let us be on the look-out for those of our acquaintance who wish to be challenged in faith and share their resources toward the goal of making the world better. Then let us look beyond ourselves and those of our acquaintance to those new folks we encounter on our journey to ascertain if they too might wish to engage with us in this mission of sharing love and light, to see if they too would like to have some time for reflection, repentance, renewal and refreshment. Above all, when we find those folks, let us make certain we invite them to share in all those things with us, for we are all part of the journey together.

Peace and Good Cheer,


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