Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Christmas in July is here at last!

Please help the Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) parents and children celebrate “Christmas in July.”  All month, we’ll be gathering needed items for DVIP house residents all month in July (5 Sundays!)  See the list of requested items at the end of this article.

Plus, look what’s scheduled for Sunday,July 22, 2012.

Undie Sunday is baaaack.
Remember your underwear that day, and bring some extras too.  As per a DVIP spokesperson, residents of the house can use donations of diapers (sizes 4-5-6) and all sizes of women’s, boys and girls underwear.

Assembling Welcome Bags
 for newly-arrived moms. 
Can we put together 20?
We’ll pack individual toiletries bags on the 22d, so bring in any cosmetics bags you find in drug and department stores; or, if you’re like me that stash of Clinique bonus bags you’ve been collecting since the last time we did this at Faith.  Also watch for specials on toothbrushes and razors, plus travel-sized deodorant, toothpaste, body wash/soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, make-up, nail products, and mouthwash.  When you are buying, keep in mind that African-American hair care products are always in high demand.
Bring Welcome Bag items—and small travel/cosmetic bags—any Sunday up until Undie Sunday.  Then stay after the service on the 22d to fill those bags and share some food and conversation.
Do you think we can fill 20 Welcome Bags, i. e. 20 bags that contain all the personal items listed above (and below)?  I think we can! 

Here’s the list of especially-requested items from DVIP:
Items for general collection through the month:  Can openers; forks; diapers (sizes 4-5-6); girls clothes (sizes 8-12); women’s, boys and girls underwear (all sizes); women’s jeans (all sizes); women’s tops (size medium); women’s pajamas (all sizes); African-American hair care products; larger shoes (sizes 8+)
For the personal care bags:(travel-size)  deodorant; tooth brushes; toothpaste; body wash and soaps; razors; shampoo/conditioner; lotions; make-up; nail products; mouth wash.

Thank You once again from the Missions Committee

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Graduation, the end of the academic year, the beginning of the summer season activities, family events, and thoughts of leisure are either recently past or in our not too distant future.  Nothing is static.  We do not live in a world that remains the same. Everything and everyone changes, whether we like it or not.  Life goes on” says the hymn, “in endless song . . . how can I keep from singing?”

What will we sing in the upcoming days and months?  Are the verses familiar and the tune simple?  Is there a new song for us to learn as well as some old favorites to sing anew?  Will we take the time to enjoy the melody or just rush through to get to the next verse?  Will we enjoy the harmony of life within a community that is diverse and unique? Will we listen as well as sing so that we might hear and understand the beauty of the notes that are not our own?

We all have songs to sing, melodies to enjoy and harmonies that are for others to sing with us.  Of course, not all of us “sing” them.  Some of us claim “tone-deafness” or say, “I can’t carry a tune in a five-gallon bucket.”  Perhaps, there are those for whom those statements are true, but even so, we can still enjoy the lilt of a tune that tells the story of life, love, forgiveness, grace, awareness, truth, peace, and joy.

All of us may not sing, but all can enjoy the stories songs tell us.  All of us may not thrill to the sound of music in the air, but all of us can rejoice in the joyful noise God seeks from all who wish to serve God, and the Church in the name of Jesus Christ.

What stories will you share?  What songs will you sing?  What joy will you know as life goes on?

Join us on Sunday mornings for worship at 9:30 as we share stories, sing songs, and celebrate as in joy as life goes on!!  You are welcome here!

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