Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to School Festivities at Faith

Are you beginning to hear boxes of fresh crayons calling to you?  Do you long to hold new markers in 8 vibrant colors in your hands?  How about boxes of unsharpened pencils with brand new erasers?  If you are like me, you get drawn to the aisles of new school supplies this time of year.  What could be better than a brand new Elmer's Glue Stick?

We are in the home stretch of our Back-to-School activities for Mark Twain School.  Stay after services on August 12th and get your hands on some school supplies.  We'll be filling 175 backpacks with grade appropriate school supplies.  It's traditionally been a fun event, rubbing elbows with our Faith friends, laughing at everyone's silliness, while supporting Mark Twain School.  Your efforts will be rewarded with snacks (yet to be announced) in addition to seeing the lineup of beautifully constructed and filled backpacks lining the back hallway; it's a sight to behold.

To top off the back-to-school experience, come join us at Mark Twain on August 14th for their ice cream social.  It's during this event that children are able to pick their backpack and proudly take it to their school room to await the first day of classes.  It's an inspiring event and one that will leave you with a smile on your face.  Please let me know if you can attend; I'll have a sign-up in the church kitchen.

We have one last call for Back-to-School donations.  We would like to provide Twain school with additional glue sticks and pencils in bulk for them to have in their supply closets to be used throughout the school year.  The pencils and sticks provided in our backpacks in August are an excellent start to the year, but having extra items that can be used to resupply in the middle of the school year will be greatly appreciated.  If you've ever priced a glue stick in January, you'll appreciate having extras on hand in the supply closet.  So please consider donating extra pencils and glue sticks, and we'll deliver them to Mark Twain the night of our ice cream social.

MANY thanks go out to you all for your work thus far, from sewing backpacks, donating time, money, Ziplocs and tissues, as well as your prayers and words of support.  It is your devotion and commitment to this special community of children that will give them equal footing and solid ground for their next steps.

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