Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 2013
How are you and your new year's resolutions getting along?  We have moved beyond the first weeks of the new year and, well how have the resolutions stood up?

It isn't easy to change the way we live is it?  We get into routines and habits, some good, some not so good, and we find hard to get out of those habits.  Thus, most (some 88%) of our new year's resolutions fail in the first month after making them.

The point isn't that we fail.  That is a part of life, failure.  But, more importantly, what do we do when we do fail?  Do we give up?  Chuck it all out and say--"well, I've failed again!"--or do we try to start over, begin again, and see if we can't make some success out of our good intentions?

Here's to beginning anew!  Even though our resolutions may not be going as we'd like---let's try to stay with it.  One day at a time is good advice.  Let's keep our resolutions anew for one day at a time and see how well we do.

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