Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Is!

Easter is more than jelly beans, chocolate, and brightly colored eggs.  Easter is not just bunnies, butterflies, and baby chicks.  Easter is more than a one day celebration to proclaim God’s promise of hope and life in Jesus Christ.  Easter is about living! 
 The shouts of joy and exuberance on the first Easter give way to living in a world that is not always joyful or exuberant.   Life as a follower of Jesus is a life with people who must deal with pain, suffering, hurt, and all the other negatives of the world today and during the past centuries.  The awful things in life do not disappear with Easter.  Easter allows us to deal with those events in life in a faithful and hope-filled way.

Easter is not a once and done event.  It is an ever living; always changing way of being alive.  Easter brings hope from despair, promise from failure, and a never ending assurance of God’s presence in our life.

Easter is and life goes on.  The life that goes on does so with promise and hope because  Easter is!  

Thanks be to God!

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