Wednesday, July 31, 2013

  Well, Christmas in July was a wonderful success again in 2013!!!  A cash donation to DVIP for $299.00 was given in addition to all the gifts received.  We also received $245.00 in gift cards for Sally's.  Hair and skin productes for African-American women were purchased with those gift cards.  Take a look all all the items under the Tropical Christmas Tree.          
Thanks to all who made our gifts to DVIP possible.

  Check out our Facebook page( for more pictures of results from Undie Sunday and from our purchase of hair and skin products from Sally's with your generous gift-card gifts! 


Pam Zehr, our back to school backpack guru gives us this message:

Already Faith Church is in full swing in support of Mark Twain Elementary School.  Backpacks are being created, supplies are being donated and purchased, with plans to put them all together in time to distribute them to our community children in need.  

This time of year is always crazy busy for me; the fabric is flying and school supplies slip and slide in the trunk of my car.  But it is also a season of great satisfaction and joy, seeing the “little church that could” donate time and energy and resources in support of our neighborhood children.  To see the children at the ice cream social pick out their favorite back packs and proudly sport them across their shoulders as they take them to their classrooms.  To hear from thankful parents howmuch our efforts mean to them.  To talk to the teachers and support staff of Mark Twain as they convey their gratefulness for our efforts; it’s a time of great happiness and satisfaction.

Thank you friends for all you do to make this time of year so successful; for the children of Mark Twain, for their teachers and families, but also for us.  It’s through our hard work and sacrifice and laughter that we share who we are with the community, and it’s all good.  

A Tower of Tissue for Twain

Our back to school campaign for Mark Twain is in high gear with thousands of pencils and hundreds of binders and glue sticks and markers reporting for active duty.  What we still need to recruit is a squadron of tissues to help care for noses running out of formation.  We have been asked to supply 250 boxes of tissues this year, and we thought we’d do our best to achieve that goal with a tissue drive this fall, followed by a refresher in the spring.  As boxes arrive at the church we’ll stand them in formation, and see if we can build a TOWER of TISSUES for TWAIN.

Filling Backpacks August 18th; Can You Help?  

Do you find yourself wistfully walking down aisles of crayons and pencils and colorful markers?  Satisfy that need to hold new school supplies in your hands by helping us fill backpacks for Mark Twain School.  We’ll start our assembly lines immediately after church on August 18th, and will fill 250 bags with grade specific supplies.  Many hands make the process that much smoother, so please share an hour with us if you can.

Distributing Backpacks August 19th; Can You Help?

If you can spare an hour on Monday August 19th, come witness first-hand how excited the Twain children are to pick out their very own backpack full of school supplies.  We will be distributing the bags at Mark Twain School from 6 to 7 pm; further details to be announced.  This is the culmination of months of hard work, and the smiles from grateful children, parents, and teachers make it all worthwhile.  Come share in the experience if you can.

Please join us for Back-to-School month in August at Faith United Church of Christ.  You are welcome in worship, welcome in ministry, welcome in a common faith in Jesus.

We worship at 9:30 each Sunday morning.  Why not join us?

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!

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