Thursday, August 21, 2014


Here are a few pictures of the back to school supplies purchased by Faith for use at Mark Twain.  Items were purchased to fill 262 back packs at grade appropriate levels.

Enjoy the pictures of supplies as they completed ringed our worship space on Sunday, August 10, 2014

What you see are folders, pencils, pencil boxes, spiral notebooks, hard three ring binders, erase-able markers, colored pencils, colors, and much more.

Also included were erasers, rulers, scissors, and composition books. 

Then it came time to pack all the supplies in individual bags for transport to Mark Twain Elementary School.  

Sorting, collating, arranging, bagging, checking, and making sure that each bag full of supplies got to the correct grade level was the next task.

The final check to make sure every thing  made it to the bag.  Then the bags of supplies along with 299 homemade back packs were transported to school for distribution on August 14.

Here are some pictures at school

Some packed bags for kindergarten, first and second grade awaiting some empty back packs to fill on the left


Some bags awaiting 5-6 graders on the right.

And here are some empty back packs waiting a child to make a selection.

Another successful year of purchasing supplies, making back packs, filling bags with supplies, and distributing supplies and back packs to the students of Mark Twain.  Thanks for all the support!!!

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