Local Ministries

This page will chronicle the ministry of Faith United to Church to the local community on a month by month basis.  Please scroll down the page to read about each month's activity, the most current month will be at the top of the page.

The Performing Arts Academy from the Dream Center were our featured guests for the Annual Fiesta celebration in May.  Faith UCC raised $344.00 for their benefit that evening.  

The Special Education class from Mark Twain journeyed to Camp Courageous in May.  Their trip was made possible by a special offering received at Faith which raised $380.00 to help pay for their day at camp.
Faith Works, an action group of Faith, journeyed to the Women's Prison at Mitchelville, Iowa to worship with a group called Women at the Well.  They carried with them a $100.00 donation for their worship program.

Our April Offerings for local missions included $250.00 to the Center for Worker Justice, $50.00 for Community Pastoral Counseling Services, $900.00 for The Common Fund, a fund that supports helping people with rent and utility costs in crisis situations, and a $50.00 donation for the Free Lunch Program.  Additionally, members of Faith UCC work a free-lunch every other month by providing workers and food.

The Social Missions committee established a special fund for emergency situations for families at Mark Twain last January.  Our birthday offering proceeds went into that fund along with a budgeted funding of $300.00.

          Tuesday, March 28 we had our first call for use of those funds this year.  We were able to assist a Mother and her children by supplying a $100.00 to match to other $100.00 contribution that would allow her to get in car fixed and make a deposit on housing for herself and children and move out of DVIP housing.

Catholic Worker House of Iowa City

A Catholic worker house was formed in Iowa City in 2016.  They provide assistance to many people in need.  They are located in the same neighborhood at Faith.  We hope to support their ministry of assistance to others.

Our February Birthday offering was designated for the work of Catholic Worker House, which has no paid staff, but is staffed by three volunteers.

The annual Pancake Supper, held on Shrove Tuesday, and the freewill offering from that meal was also donated to Catholic Worker House.  Faith's total financial contribution to them in February was $901.00.

David Goodner, on the Catholic Worker house volunteers said that one of the needs always expressed by the homeless is the need for socks.  So, Faith will be planning a "Sock-it-to-me" Sunday in the future to help provide for men's white socks at Catholic Worker house.

Mark Twain Elementary

Each Sunday following worship we gather, as a Church Community, to pack 44 food packs for delivery to Mark Twain Elementary each Friday morning during the school year. 

 Our volunteers pick up the groceries from HACAP in Hiawatha every four weeks, bring to the church where they are arranged and prepared to packing individual bags on Sunday morning.

Once they bags are packed, they are placed in several boxes in our worship area.  On Friday morning each week more volunteers pick up the boxes of food bags and deliver them to Mark Twain Elementary.  Each of the bags contains food stuff for one child for the weekend.  Periodically through the year we add additional items like a jar of peanut butter or a box of macaroni and cheese and other items.

Our January Birthday offering went to our Mark Twain Family Emergency Fund.  This fund can be used at the request of Mark Twain personnel to aid and assist families of Mark Twain Students who find themselves in emergency need of assistance is not immediately available from other sources.  We have approximately $850.00 in that fund.


  1. God means for us to share our goods and our selves.

  2. God means for us to share our goods and our selves.