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The Social Ministries Committee is getting ready for another Christmas in July drive to benefit the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP), a program which now serves eight counties in southeast Iowa.  The Worship Committee will lend their support to the drive with special decorations in the Sanctuary – thank you!  And back by popular demand…Undie Sunday!

In the meantime, when you hit the drug store or Target or wherever, pick up a couple items of use to women and children who find themselves in the shelter on a moment’s notice.  I was told that DVIP’s list of “Top Ten” needs changes fairly often, so I promised I would call back closer to July to get that updated listing.  Until then, I am sure you can’t go wrong by purchasing any of the top ten needs currently listed on DVIP’s webpage.  And as of today, 25 May, the one thing they really, really need is DEODORANT.

Top Ten Needs at DVIP as of 25 May:
1.    New twin sheet sets
2.    Body wash
3.    Lotion
4.    Towels
5.    Silverware (plastic or metal)
6.    Laundry detergent, both high efficiency and regular
7.    Used cell phones with chargers
8.    Travel size Ibuprofen and Tylenol
9.    Towels and washcloths
10.  Alcohol-free mouthwash

A complete list of “all” desired donations to DVIP can be found at http://dvipiowa.org/top-ten-needs/

NOTE:  Because our congregation goes “all out” in gathering items for DVIP clients, year after year, Social Ministries Committee members felt we really don’t need to take up a cash offering at the end of July.  So, no collection this year.  If you’d rather not shop for items, pick up a gift card at K‑Mart or Hy‑Vee and add it to the collection plate some Sunday in July.

Undie Sunday is July 23, 2017

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